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DROCHONwas born in France in the Paris region in 1963. For his secondary studies in graphic arts, his parents settled near the zoological park of Vincennes, near Paris. He was a fervent visitor, for several years, he learned to observe animals more carefully, and thinks he felt through their eyes, particular emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects that lead us to completely reconsider man and his real place in existence.

"Beyond naturalist studies in charcoal, all my paintings are not simple copies of photos. They are indeed stagings imagined, thought out, composed and studied to support a patient personal reflection on my life and the world that surrounds me. 'surrounds. The attitudes, the lights, the colors, the framing are there to support attempts to answer my many existential questions. After days, weeks, even months of achievements, in the search for balance between photo- réalisme et human emotion, it is indeed the love and the soul of the spectator who are the quest."

Public collections: Museum of Natural History of Bourges, France - Yawkee Woodson Art Museum, USA

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